Self-Analysis (Non-Freudian)

The following is an analysis of the evidence from my first-author publications. This was motivated largely by Michael Inzlicht‘s refreshing self-analysis of the evidence in some of his own research (link1link2) and, naturally, the now omnipresent concerns over replication in psychological science. The purpose of this exercise is, first and foremost, accountability.

I’ve taken only one test statistic from each experiment/study (whichever was the most important, which isn’t always easy to determine) and I’ve excluded analyses in which we argued a null (they violate the logic of these tests). Here are the studies that were included.

These analyses were derived from Felix Schönbrodts‘ p-checker website and Uri Simonsohn, Leif Nelson, and Joe Simmons‘

p-curve 1 (july 2019)

p-curve 2 (july 2019)

(updated 7/21/19)