Self-Analysis (Non-Freudian)

The following is an analysis of the evidence from my first-author publications. This was motivated largely by Michael Inzlicht‘s refreshing self-analysis of the evidence in some of his own research (link1link2) and, naturally, the now omnipSummary of my results (2012-2019)resent concerns over replication in psychological science. The purpose of this exercise is, first and foremost, accountability.

I’ve taken only one test statistic from each experiment/study (whichever was the most important, which isn’t always easy to determine) and I’ve excluded analyses in which we argued a null (they violate the logic of these tests). Here are the studies that were included.

These analyses were derived from Felix Schönbrodts‘ p-checker website and Uri Simonsohn, Leif Nelson, and Joe Simmons‘

p-curve 1 (july 2019)

p-curve 2 (july 2019)

(updated 7/21/19)