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CBC Cross-Country Checkup (Ian Hanomansing) / Data Skeptic 1 (Kyle Polich) / Data Skeptic 2 (Kyle Polich) / On Wisdom (Charles Cassidy & Igor Grossman)Opinion Science (Andy Luttrell) / The Dissenter (Ricardo Lopes) / The Super Awesome Science Show (Jason Tetro) / Talking Green (Michael Norton & Allison Schrager) / Teaching Tolerance (Katy Byron)You Are Not So Smart (David McRaney)


August 12/20: Why do people believe what they believe about climate change? (Scholars at Brown for Climate Action)
June 2/20: Fighting misinformation online in the age of COVID-19 (CASOS IDeaS Seminar Series – Carnegie Mellon University)
May 5/20: On the psychology of misperceptions about COVID-19 (Hot Politics Lab – University of Amsterdam)
Feb 19/20: Fake news, political ideology, and climate change (Academics for Climate – University of Regina)
Nov 22/19: Reasoning like good lawyers or bad philosophers? (A Multidisciplinary Look at Knowledge Resistance Workshop – University of Stockholm)

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